The Multi-Campus Transformation and Equity Network (MCTEN) will focus on transformative interventions that create a robust cross-campus network of faculty to establish southern California as a regional center for diversity and excellence in STEM. Adopting small group, network and community-building approaches, with a specific focus on intersectionality, MCTEN will create intra- and inter-institutional connections to support sustainable change in academic STEM, advancing research, innovation, and excellence, and better serving the students in the San Diego region who meet the STEM workforce needs of the nation. MCTEN will bring innovative applications of ADVANCE interventions to our two campuses. We will draw from small-group theory and network science to reduce negative impacts of the lived experiences of isolation and stress reported by women and URM faculty in STEM departments. This partnership will demonstrate how ADVANCE interventions across campuses in a region can support and empower diverse faculty and allow all scholars to thrive.

The Double Bind: Minority Women in STEM, 1970 to 2021

By: Dr. Lilia A. Abron

Picture A Scientist panel discussion

Panelist: Dr. Lilia A. Abron, Dr. Beth Mitchneck, and Dr. Frazier Beneya
Moderator: Dr. John Crockett
Lead: Dr. Christy Dykstra  


SDSU and University of California San Diego are collaborating to provide
the region’s underrepresented researchers with opportunities for mentorship, networking and institutional support.